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        cData (Nanjing Innovative Data Technologies, Inc.) was established in March 2011 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan RMB. The company is located in the China Cloud Computing Innovation Base of Nanjing Baixia High-tech Industrial Park. With its ground-breaking innovative technologies, cData has quickly became one of the leading enterprises of cloud computing and cloud storage in domestic market of China. cData was ranked No. 1 in the second batch of scientific and technological SMEs in Jiangsu Province. It was also named the chair company of the China Cloud Computing Innovation Base.

        cData’s web site is

        cData is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of cloud computing and cloud storage products. “Achieve wonders working with the smart people”, our corporate culture fostered a strong, collaborative and efficient R&D team. Since its inception, the company has received many awards and recognition, including the National Scientific and Technological Achievement in Private Sector Award from the State Ministry of Science and Technology Development, a Preferred Service Provider of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the State Ministry of Information Industry, A recognized High-tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province, and the Name Brand Service Provider of Nanjing.

        cData initiated the establishment of the Provincial Joint Cloud Storage Technology Research and Development Center of the Information Technology Industry of Jiangsu. President Zhang Zhen was named as one of the Top Ten Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders of Nanjing in 2012.

        cData is one of the companies with the most complete cloud computing product lines in the world. To meet the explosive growth of the business demands for big data , we have aggressively engaged in the product research and development. The result is a full spectrum of products with our very own independent intellectual property rights, which includes but not limit to, cStor Cloud Storage System, cProc Cloud Data Processing System, cVideo Cloud Video Platform, cTrans Cloud Transmission System, and many others. Each of these provides a list of shinning features and overwhelming advantages over our competitors.

        cStor Cloud Storage System is a combination of software and hardware of high-tech products. With its high performance, ultra low power consumption, high reliability, universal, maintenance free and other advantages, it can be widely used to meet the massive data storage demands (in areas such as security, radio and television, telecommunications, Internet, banking and oother fields). cStor A8000 ultra low power cloud storage system, with a capacity of 500TB- 3800TB in a single rack system, features 10 times of energy saving and cost saving. The product has been successfully used in video surveillance, intelligent transportation, digital earth and animation production, and many other fields.

        cProc Cloud Data Processing System is best represented by our DataCube cloud computing database. It successfully answered the challenges of massive data uploading, rapid data indexing and fast data querying. Data query result returned in seconds even when the overall data capacity reaches TB/PB level.

        Compared to Hadoop’s capability of handling massive amounts of data, and Spark’s power of processing real-time data, DataCube is the world's first commercial systems capable of real-time processing data at trillion record level, and achieved a performance that is far superior to the next contender.

On November 2, 2012, cData and Intel jointly announced the release of DataCube Cloud Computing All-In-One System. In the follow-up technology evaluations administrated by the State Grid of China and China Mobile respectively, DataCube has shown overwhelming advantages over similar products from our domestic and foreign competitors.

        Today DataCube has been widely adopted in many commercial production systems. In the case of one provincial branch at China Mobile, DataCube supports its network of 1 billion mobile phones to process real-time signaling data flow at 15 Gbps, at a rate of 10 billion records added daily, and this was achieved on a cluster of 400 servers. This system has been in operation for three years without incidents.

        cTrans Cloud Transmission System, a high speed data transmission technology, is suitable for mass data transmission over long haul, has been widely adopted in radio and television program distribution and satellite data transmission.

        cVideo Cloud Video Platform utilizes the same set cluster of servers to provide distributed scheduling engine, parallel reception of massive video data , distributed storage, intelligent video analysis, cloud based video database, video trans-coding and online services as a complete platform. It is capable of integrating existing surveillance systems, to a ultra large scale intelligent monitoring system (at city level), supporting arbitrary multi-channel HD video. cVideo has been successfully applied to Nanjing and Yichang smart city construction projects, and has been proven by the successful application in the security surveillance of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.

        Our core strategy has been to provide products with our own intellectual property rights. We have achieved that by the application of nearly 100 patents, copyrights, trademarks so far, by the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, and by our in-depth partnership and alliance with the well-known enterprises such as Intel Corp, Lenovo, Digital China, Shuguang Group, Inspur Technologies and several others. Currently our products have been deployed in data centers of more than 100 large companies and business units all over the country, the total number of customer of our cloud storage technology keeps in the leading pack of the industry.

        Since its inception, cData has received many support and assistance from the State Ministry of industry, the Jiangsu Provincial Government, Nanjing Municipal Government and other government branches and institutions. Jiangsu provincial governor Li Xueyong and other leaders have visited the company.

        "Achieve wonders working with the smart people". We look forward to working with you!


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